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Active oxygen high disinfection

The active oxygen high disinfection system AORG launched by Techno Earth Biosolutions Co., Ltd. (Italian-Thai joint venture), uses a patented capillary cold gasification device to quickly and quantitatively controlled to gasificating the active oxygen sterilant, and quickly distribute it with high-speed air in the target space for making Air and surface disinfection through active oxygen radicals and negative ions distributed in the space.
Log6 high disinfection of Bacillus stearothermophilus, Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella, Gram-negative bacilli, lipid-enveloped viruses, non-enveloped viruses, fungi, etc.
Third-party certified Bacillus stearothermophilus log6 high disinfection concentration: 185 ppm, 10 mins.
Ultra-large space high disinfection of 10000m3 can be done through:

  • automatic fluid replenishment system and auxiliary quick-connecting flexible air duct structure;
  • its unique normal temperature gasification system, particles perform Brownian motion in the air and are evenly distributed to achieve dead space-free disinfection;
  • its unique intelligent three-stage gasification system and negative ion enhancer, the gasification amount is automatically adjusted, and the high disinfection effect is increased by 30%;
  • its Siemens industrial control system and a large amount of experimental data, just enter the volume of space and automatically calculate the time.

Active oxygen sterilant uses MERT-treated hydrogen peroxide base liquid and organic active stabilizer. After the activation of gasification, a large number of reactive oxygen radicals and negative ions are formed.
Reactive oxygen free radicals and negative ions quickly act on unsaturated fatty acids in bacterial cell membranes.
Lipid oxidation reaction occurs, destroying the cell membrane, and killing bacteria and fungi.
Reactive oxygen free radicals and negative ions also cause oxidative damage to RNA and DNA.
Damaged DNA may undergo breaks, mutations, and changes in thermal stability.
This severely affects the normal transcription and translation process of genetic information, and thus realizes the virus.
Killing, zero harmful residues in the high disinfection process.

The active oxygen sterilant independently developed by Techno Heart Biosolutions, uses hydrogen peroxide and organic active stabilizers, which are 100% non-residual.
Obtained FDA food grade safety certification.