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Technologies and services
for disinfection

Techno Earth Bio Solutions is specialized in disinfections of air, water, surfaces and air conditioning system.
We are able intervene at 360° over any microbiological risks, without any exclusion, in the field bacteriological, viral, protozoal and fungal.

Work and residential environments, communities, risk-free transport micro-biolgical, thanks to the cutting edge technology in terms of micronization of the biocide substances used and a choice of biocides exclusively in natural and eco-sustainability terms.
Accurate evaluation of the risk (sampling protocols performed by toxicologist and environmental technicians in bio-safety), followed by a targeted disinfection, adapted to the different needs of the customers, conducted by qualified and specifically trained operators.
Now we are in the post-antibiotic era (multi-bacterial resistance) and infections are about to return to being the leading cause of death (WHO).

We need a cultural revolution, an act of humility: return to the past to have a future.
UltraNano 801

Active oxygen high disinfection

Active oxygen sterilant uses MERT-treated hydrogen peroxide base liquid and organic active stabilizer. After the activation of gasification, a large number of reactive oxygen radicals and negative ions are formed.

Active oxygen high disinfection uses MERT-treated hydrogen peroxide base liquid and organic active stabilizer. After the activation of gasification, a large number of reactive oxygen radicals and negative ions are formed.

Reactive oxygen free radicals and negative ions quickly act on unsaturated fatty acids in bacterial cell membranes.
Lipid oxidation reaction occurs, destroying the cell membrane, killing bacteria, fungi, and also causing oxidative damage to RNA and DNA. Damaged DNA may undergo breaks, mutations, and changes in thermal stability.

This severely affects the normal transcription and translation process of genetic information, and thus realizes the virus.
Killing, zero harmful residues in the high disinfection process.
The active oxygen high disinfection independently developed by Techno Earth Biosolutions, uses hydrogen peroxide and organic active stabilizers, which are 100% non-residual.

Technical parameters
220/230 V 50/60 HZ
Air volume
106 CFM
Spray particle size
0.0004 Micron/1 micron
Maximum single run time
4 h
1550 W
Control System
480*490*330 mm
Maximum spray volume
4 l/h
Net weight
19 Kg
3l + auto recharge
Operating temperature
8/50 Celsius
Spray speed
37 m/s
Automatic rehydration The UltraNano 801 is the best choice for high disinfection of large-area piping tubes. For example, pharmaceutical factories, shopping malls, companies, etc. are large places, piping piping supplies, and places with corrosive items in the space.
Patented technology: capillary cold evaporation Through this technology, capillary cold evaporation can atomize the high disinfection / disinfection solution to less than 0.1 micron, thereby ensuring the diffusion speed and uniformity of effective high disinfection materials, high disinfection efficiency, dead entrapment, non-condensing, and corrosive low.
Patented technology: active oxygen anion Through this technology, the negative ion atomization system has the same amount of sterilant as compared with the same period of last year, and the space concentration after atomization is increased by 15%, which further improves the high disinfection efficiency and reduces the consumption of sterilant.